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Labirinto is a wedding ring set composed of two different types of gold 24k and inserts of platinum.

This object has three types of metal, which marry each other in a balance of shapes that brings our love road to the sunlight.

Since I was a child, I have been interested in expressing my creativity, sensitivity, and empathy towards others. As I adore creating and imaging, I seem to be extremely motivated, organized as well as critical. Thanks to the intrinsic motivations I can create real feelings and new sensations to those who use my creations.



Tricuspide is a lamp designed to be innovative, it carries poetry of light and the free float of the airships into the home environment, all of this is enclosed in perfect and clean shape.

The typological innovation that this object bring along, translates into a new concept of space. 

Future and self-driving vehicles

The new generation of public transport system could completely revolutionize long-distance travel form small villages to a metropolis, at a very short time. The new technology of public transportation is intended for those who wish to reach their destination in time or a short period of time even from the outskirts.

Its design is avant-garde, exceptional, in addition it communicates strength and innovation.

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