Nicola Bariol

Since I was a child, I have been interested in expressing my creativity, sensitivity, and empathy towards others. As I adore creating and imaging, I seem to be extremely motivated, organized as well as critical. Thanks to the intrinsic motivations I can create real feelings and new sensations to those who use my creations.

Furthermore, I am a very curious person with a strong aptitude for listening and developing new skills daily. I am extremely fascinated with the steps required for an entire design process, from the initial ideation: research, sketch and ideation, to the final concept: 3D model, rendering and hand modelling.

I have experience leading a team of designers and musicians where creativity was the keyword to keep people interested so they can do their best work ever. Thanks to the design process I can give life to the soul of the object I create. As well as, with my ability to manage all the design phases of the projects and keep a close eye in the manufacturing process I believe that this is my way to express myself.

Computer skill set

3D Modelling and rendering

Rhinoceros 95%
Vray for Rhino 90%
Cinema 4D 85%
KeyShot 80%
AutoCAD 25%

Adobe Creative Suite

Photoshop 85%
Illustrator 90%
InDesign 95%
Premiere 80%
After Effect 30%

Web Design

WordPress 90%
Elementor 90%

Sound Design

Pro Tool 85%

Computer Management

Microsoft Windows 95%
Mac OS 85%

Microsoft Office

Power Point 95%
Excel 80%
Word 95%

Personal skill set

Creativity 96%
Hand sketching 85%
Empathy 90%
Attention to details 95%
Organizzation 90%
Teamwork 80%
Hand modeling 90%
Communication skills 75%
Critical thinking 95%
Problem solver 90%


Italian - native

Spoken 100%
Written 100%


Spoken 85%
Written 80%


Master Degree

Product Design and Visual Communication

Bachelor Degree

Product Design

5 Park Royal - NW107FX - London

+39 345 4833884

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