Hello I’m Nicola Bariol designer & freelancer based in China.

I’m specialize in
industrial design, UI/UX design, home appliences, furniture & interior design.

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I graduated from IUAV University in Venice with a Master’s Degree in Product and Visual Communication Design. 
Now, after 3 years of professional working experience in Italy and China, I’m the Design Director of Foshan-based Gundong Zebra Design Ltd
My design approach is based on simplicity and attention to detail.
My goal is to develop a new generation of circular, human-centric products that are fully environmentally compliant and meet people’s needs to help build a better world.


Research & Analysis

Customers and market Research: understand users needs, target, discover new opportunities to capitalize on gaps in the existing market landscape.

Sketches & Ideas

Visually communicating all the features of the new product in order to evaluate the overall design theme to ensure the user experience, and aesthetics are aligned with the product vision.


Based on the rough sketches, make any final edits or adjustments to the product before going into the next CAD Design phase.

Concept CAD & 3D

Based on the design concept, build the initial conceptual 3D design of your product using a CAD software.


The product prototyping phase gives you the opportunity to hold and use a tangible product to see how the product looks and functions in the real world.

Recent Works

Invite as a guest member at

Tigullio Design District 2022

Juror member at Canton Fair Design Award 2022

Juror member with Professor He Renke, professor and doctoral supervisor of the School of Design and Art of Hunan University, Professor Srini R. Srinivasan, former chairman of the World Design Organization (WDO), Christine M. Herr, professor at the School of Innovation and Creative Design, Southern University of Science and Technology, Zhou Ligang, chairman of Hangzhou Industrial Design Association, and chief designer of Lplus Design.

CF Design Award seeks the best design product within the Chinese market, rewarding innovation in terms of shape, functionality, and environmental impact.

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CF Award was founded by China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) in 2013. Data shows that a total of 2,040 products from 1,074 units participated in this year’s event, and the number of companies and products hit a record high. In the current severe and complex international economic and trade situation, the CF Awards relying on the Canton Fair has gathered a large number of high-quality products from all over the world.


"Less is more"

‒ Mies van der Rohe



Foshan, Guandong, China


+86 186 81419305, +39 345 4833884

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