Float Module

Project:     Master’s Thesis

Date:         September 2018                 

Skills:        Design Development

The modular floating module is designed to be easy to transport and assemble. The all structure, coming out from the idea of the floating lane for the swimming pool. This object is designed to face the sea stress even in extreme conditions.

Once assembled, it will be covered with a fast absorbing material made from Italian Institute of Technology. This new material can absorb oil from water 12 times its weight.

A new material can absorb oil from water

In this study, we present a novel composite material based on commercially available polyurethane foams functionalized with colloidal superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles and submicrometer polytetrafluoroethylene particles, which can efficiently separate oil from water. Detailed microscopic and wettability studies reveal that the combined effects of the surface morphology and of the chemistry of the functionalized foams greatly affect the oil-absorption dynamics […]

— Athanassia Athanassiou IIT President

Link to the sientific paper

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