Labirinto is a wedding ring set composed of two different types of gold 24k and inserts of platinum.

The wedding ring is a rite of exchange and it is one of the most important moments of every marriage, a centuries-old tradition that never loses its charm and never stops making the loved ones excited.

The wedding rings are simple objects but rich in its meaning, a small metal circle that can be worn for the rest of one’s life, in memory of the most important day: A day which ones would never forget when ones finally met his soulmate. The ring is a lovely way to symbolise the union and love one have for his partner.

Seeking love is a way to feel happiness. Besides, it`s not that simple, as only one is the right person, the one whom will lead you to the centre of a love`s maze, the centre of real love and intimacy. With the ring set abovementioned, the moment we meet our soulmates becomes the seal of eternal love.

This object has three types of metal, which marry each other in a balance of shapes that brings our love road to the sunlight.

A new way of thinking about love






Gold 24k - Platinum

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