OASI Offshore Oil Recovery System

Project:     Master’s Thesis

Date:         September 2018                 

Skills:        Design Development

Project Description

Oil spills pose a severe threat to marine ecosystems, causing water contamination, habitat destruction, and harm to marine life. The toxic properties of oil can suffocate and disrupt the reproductive cycles of various species, leading to long-term damage.

The OASI system was specifically developed to address the challenging issue of oil spills. It is designed to efficiently address such incidents by collecting and containing oil, preventing uncontrolled spreading or sinking in the sea.


This versatile recovery system is adaptable to different offshore oil spill scenarios, capable of collecting various types of hydrocarbon mixtures commonly found in marine transportation. It demonstrates its effectiveness even in adverse weather and atmospheric conditions, ensuring its operational efficiency in challenging environmental situations.



Collecting Station

Float Module

Computer graphic animation showing the exploded view and operation of the OASI system.

How's the recovery system working?

1. Relase the float module

2. Build a floating border

3. Recover the oil stain

How's oil recovered?

During the recovery process, the oil slick is pressed against the float, enabling the retrieval of the liquid components of the dispersed oil mixture. 

The propulsion generated by the float’s recovery action creates an induced flow, effectively carrying the denser portion of the mixture into the core of the collection station.


1:5 scale prototype of the OASI system during a simulated recovery phase.

Usage scenarios

The OASI recovery system is purpose-built for offshore oil spill scenarios, including adverse weather conditions. Its design enables effective operations even in challenging environments. 

Moreover, the system is versatile and can be utilized for addressing small-scale oil spills in port areas or near the coast.
 This adaptability enhances its utility and extends its benefits to a broader range of oil spill incidents.


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