OASI Offshore Oil Recovery System

Project:     Master’s Thesis

Date:         September 2018                 

Skills:        Design Development

Project Description

OASI is born to solve this complex environmental problem by collecting the entire spilled oil stain quickly and easily.
This recovery system is extremely ductile because it can be used in all weather-atmospheric conditions and successfully applied in all oil leaking situations. The System can recovers all the hydrocarbon mixtures, from the liquid to the dense ones.
 OASI recovery system is composed of two different parts that are designed to work together during recovery operations:
1. Collecting Station
2. Float Module



Collecting Station

Float Module

How's the recovery system working?

1. Relase the float module

2. Build a floating border

3. Recover the oil stain

How's oil recovered?

By activating the recovery procedure, the oil stain is pushed onto the walls of the float which recovers the most liquid parts of the dispersed aromatic mixture. 
The thrust, given by the float recovery operations, creates an induced current that carries the denser parts of the mixture inside the collection station.


OASI System guest at

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