Sparkling Water Maker

Client:     Thomson

Date:       July 2021                 

Skills:      Design Development

Discover elegance and functionality in TOMSON’s sparkling water maker, expertly crafted to elevate the aesthetics of any contemporary kitchen. Embrace the future with our innovative Quick Connect technology, effortlessly inserting CO2 cylinders for instant sparkle.

Indulge in the magic as ordinary tap water transforms into effervescent delight, with three customizable carbonation levels for your perfect bubble preference.

Harmony between sustainability and style is at the heart of TOMSON’s design philosophy, reflected in the inclusion of a premium 1L glass bottle, an eco-conscious choice.

Elevate your home with the brilliance of sparkling water, embracing TOMSON’s vision for a brighter, more sustainable future through thoughtfully crafted and visionary design.

Bottle Snap & Lock

Effortless Bottle Attachment & Release

One-Touch Technology

For consistent carbonation

3 Customizable Carbonation Levels

to suit every customer’s preference

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