Tetris is a self-driving public transport system, born from a new vision. The concept is to develop an autonomous vehicle of public transport for the future.

The new generation of public transport system could completely revolutionize long-distance travel form small villages to a metropolis, at a very short time. The new technology of public transportation is intended for those who wish to reach their destination in time or a short period of time even from the outskirts.

Its design is avant-garde, exceptional, in addition it communicates strength and innovation.

Tetris is an electric vehicle, in order to avoid waiting a long time to recharge the battery, it is equipped with two wireless recharging slabs one at the front and one at the back.

By moving closer their wireless energetic slabs, the buses can interchange each other energy without the needs to stop the vehicle for a full charge cycle. This feature allows the vehicle to reduce its recharging stops significantly.

Recharging system

The future of the pubblic transport

1:5 Handmade wooden model




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