Tori Console Table

Client:          ADI per il disegno industriale

Factory:       Zagross Marmi                 

Skills:           Design Development

Tori is designed to be environmentally friendly, easily assembled, and transportable. 

To minimize material waste, this console table is made from a single slab of marble and all of its parts are designed to lie on the surface most optimally: this is to facilitate the marble slab cutting thus going to reduce the production time (hence the waste of  energy).

Tori Console Table

Draws its inspiration from Japanese culture. By definition, the Japanese Torii is a distinctive and evocative object whose forms refer to mystical and transcendent concepts, conveying a great sense of harmony and peace.

Development – sustainable – responsible: these are the three key concepts that ADI indicates as fundamental for contemporary design and which have guided the selection of the winners of the XXVII edition of the Compasso d’Oro.

— Luciano Galimberti ADI President

Tori console table is made of Bianco Assoluto Impeccabile marble. This material is precious and minimal and it’s known as a high-quality marble due to its strong hardness and impermeability characteristics. Made on a pure white background, this material has slight intrusions of quartz crystal inside.

Breath of Japanese culture in a beautiful piece of furniture

The idea behind Tori comes from ancient Japanese culture: by definition, the Japanese Torii is a distinctive and evocative object, its shapes harking back to mystical and transcendent concepts, conveying a great sense of harmony and peace.

The Tori console table is an ideal piece of furniture for a unique and refined living space.

Exibition:     ADI Etica Litica

Date:            September 2022                 

City:              Verona | Italy

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ADI Etica Litica exhibition highlights the topic of sustainability and respect for the environment when using natural stones in design projects.

The concept is developed through the design of one or more objects starting from a marble slab. Developing a three-dimensional object means the surface of the slab must be exploited to the full to minimize possible waste of material.

Tori Console Table showed at ADI stand in Marmomacc 2022

In this exhibition, the design reflects a concept that, while respecting precise limits, demonstrates its vitality and beauty by putting forward new ideas and solutions that herald a more sustainable and ethically fairer world

The “Etica_Litica” exhibition provides a complete overview, of where marble meets excellence, beauty, innovation, and sustainability.

Tori at ADI Etica Litica

Marmomac 2022

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