Client:    Shunde Furniture

Date:      April 2019                

Skills:     Furniture Design Development

Traccia: Graceful Movement in Design

Traccia is a stunning piece of contemporary design that captivates with its impeccable and essential lines. The seamless combination of a special metal frame with a dark wood seat creates a harmonious and visually striking appearance. Inspired by the graceful dance with ribbons, this exquisite seat pays homage to the art of motion, making it more than just a seat; it’s a work of art that exudes elegance and simplicity.

Traccia: Graceful Movement in Design

Personalization is key, as the customer has the power to choose from a range of wood combinations, creating a one-of-a-kind piece that harmonizes perfectly with their space. Experience the fusion of design and functionality with the captivating Traccia seat and embrace the essence of modern sophistication.

Traccia stands as a testament to the flawless creative synthesis of functionality and fine aesthetics.

— Shunde Furniture President

Dance creates airy and sinuous body movements and gives rise to a perfect union between physicality and spirituality. Traccia is made by a hybrid of meanings, shapes, beauty and comfort. Traccia is a captivating embodiment of airy and sinuous body movements found in dance, fusing together a hybrid of meanings, shapes, beauty, and comfort. This perfect union between physicality and spirituality makes Traccia an exceptional piece of design.

Harmony in Motion: The Ergonomic Dance-Inspired Chair

This chair was developed after an in-depth study of body ergonomics and movements through dance. The result is a unique and modern piece of furniture that synthesizes creative and expressive design elements.

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