Client:    Shunde Furniture

Date:      April 2019                

Skills:      Design Development


Traccia is the name of this new seat which stands out for its impeccably essential lines and extraordinary simplicity. This object is composed of two elements: a special metal frame envelops the dark wood seat in a beautiful harmony of shapes.

The design takes its name, above all, from the dance with ribbon.
Presented with a solid frame made of dark metal and an ergonomic wooden seat that can be also customized thanks to the many combinations of wood available.

Traccia is proof of the perfect creative design synthesis between functionality and fine aesthetics.

— Shunde Furniture President

Dance creates airy and sinuous body movements and gives rise to a perfect union between physicality and spirituality. Traccia is made by a hybrid of meanings, shapes, beauty and comfort.

Dance and movement became a shape

This chair was developed after a strong study of body ergonomics and movements through dance. The result is a unique and modern piece of furniture that is the synthesis of creative and expressive acts.

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