Tricuspide is a lamp designed to be innovative. It is the synthesis between three types of lamps: floor, table and ceiling lamp. Three concepts of light enclosed in a single object.

The projects were first conceptualized by the idea of the Chinese lantern. Tricuspide carries poetry of light and the free float of the airships into the home environment, all of this is enclosed in perfect and clean shape.

The typological innovation that this object brings along, translates into a new concept of space.

Tricuspide is an innovative lamp that can float gently inside the house bringing about an original synergy and context. The lamp can be touched by the user, who can interact directly with the light enclosed in the object.

The floating movement of tricuspide is monitored by mobile application from which the user can change the lamp position, the brightness, and the light colour.

Design - Innovation - Synthesis






Sewed Ripstop Nylon - PP - PVC

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